Serialized Form

  • Package org.jpedal

    • Class org.jpedal.PdfDecoder

      class PdfDecoder extends JPanel implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • alwaysEncryptFile
          boolean alwaysEncryptFile
        • defaultCursor
          Cursor defaultCursor
        • displayOffsets
          org.jpedal.display.DisplayOffsets displayOffsets
        • displayRotation
          int displayRotation
        • externalHandlers
          org.jpedal.external.ExternalHandlers externalHandlers
        • fileAccess
          org.jpedal.FileAccess fileAccess
        • isNewRotationSet
          boolean isNewRotationSet
        • myBorder
          Border myBorder
        • options
          org.jpedal.parser.DecoderOptions options
        • pages
          org.jpedal.display.Display pages
        • parser
          org.jpedal.Parser parser
        • previewImage
          BufferedImage previewImage
        • previewText
          String previewText
        • res
          org.jpedal.objects.PdfResources res
        • resultsFromDecode
          org.jpedal.parser.DecoderResults resultsFromDecode
        • scaling
          float scaling
        • scalingdpi
          org.jpedal.utils.DPIFactory scalingdpi
        • specialMode
          int specialMode
        • statusBar
        • swingPrinter
          org.jpedal.parser.SwingPrinter swingPrinter
        • textPrint
          int textPrint
        • useNewGraphicsMode
          boolean useNewGraphicsMode
        • x_size
          int x_size
        • y_size
          int y_size
  • Package org.jpedal.examples.handlers

  • Package org.jpedal.exception

  • Package org.jpedal.fonts

    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.CIDFontType0

      class CIDFontType0 extends org.jpedal.fonts.Type1C implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • subFont
          org.jpedal.fonts.CIDFontType2 subFont
          used to display non-embedded fonts
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.CIDFontType2

      class CIDFontType2 extends org.jpedal.fonts.TrueType implements Serializable
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.PdfFont

      class PdfFont extends Object implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • cachedValue
          String[] cachedValue
          cache for translate values
        • CIDfontEncoding
          String CIDfontEncoding
          CID font encoding
        • CIDToGIDMap
          int[] CIDToGIDMap
        • CMAP
          String[] CMAP
          lookup CID index mappings
        • CMapName
          String CMapName
        • codeSpaceRange
          org.jpedal.fonts.CodeSpaceRange codeSpaceRange
          adobe specified cmaps used in encoding
        • copyright
          String copyright
        • currentPdfFile
          handle onto file access
        • defaultWidth
          float defaultWidth
          default width for font
        • diffCharTable
          int[] diffCharTable
        • diffs
          String[] diffs
          holds lookup to map char differences in embedded font
        • diffTable
          String[] diffTable
          holds lookup to map char differences
        • embeddedEnc
          int embeddedEnc
          embedded encoding
        • fallbackFont
          org.jpedal.parser.FallbackFont fallbackFont
        • FontBBox
          float[] FontBBox
          font bounding box
        • fontEnc
          int fontEnc
          encoding pattern used for font. -1 means not set
        • fontID
          String fontID
          String used to reference font (ie F1)
        • FontMatrix
          double[] FontMatrix
          FontBBox for font
        • fontTypes
          int fontTypes
          font type
        • glyphs
          org.jpedal.fonts.glyph.PdfJavaGlyphs glyphs
        • handleOddSapFontMapping
          boolean handleOddSapFontMapping
        • hasCIDSet
          boolean hasCIDSet
        • hasDoubleBytes
          boolean hasDoubleBytes
        • hasEncoding
          boolean hasEncoding
          show if encoding set
        • hasExtractionValues
          boolean hasExtractionValues
        • isCIDFont
          boolean isCIDFont
          flag to show type of font
        • isCIDIdentity
          boolean isCIDIdentity
        • isDouble
          int isDouble
        • isFirstScan
          boolean isFirstScan
          used to track if CID font is double byte or not by looking at first 2 values
        • isFontEmbedded
          boolean isFontEmbedded
          flag to show if Font included embedded data
        • isFontSubstituted
          boolean isFontSubstituted
        • isFontVertical
          boolean isFontVertical
        • isHex
          boolean isHex
          flag to show Gxxx, Bxxx, Cxxx.
        • isSingleByte
          boolean isSingleByte
        • lastWidth
          float lastWidth
          cached value for last width value returned
        • loader
          ClassLoader loader
          loader to load data from jar
        • maxCharCount
          int maxCharCount
          number of glyphs - 65536 for CID fonts
        • missingWidth
          float missingWidth
        • objID
          int objID
        • possibleSpaceWidth
          float possibleSpaceWidth
          size to use for space if not defined (-1 is no setting)
        • rawCMAP
          int[] rawCMAP
        • rawDiffKeys
          Map<String,Set<Integer>> rawDiffKeys
        • rawFontName
          String rawFontName
        • renderPage
          boolean renderPage
        • source
          org.jpedal.fonts.FontSource source
        • spaceChar
          int spaceChar
          lookup to track which char is space. -1 means none set
        • substituteFont
          String substituteFont
        • substituteFontFile
          String substituteFontFile
        • ToUnicode
          org.jpedal.objects.raw.PdfObject ToUnicode
        • truncatedName
          String truncatedName
        • TTstreamisCID
          boolean TTstreamisCID
        • type3_d1_Max
          int type3_d1_Max
        • unicodeMappings
          String[] unicodeMappings
          holds lookup to map char values
        • vMatrix
          float[][] vMatrix
        • widthTable
          float[] widthTable
          lookup for which of each char for embedded fonts which we can flush
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.TrueType

      class TrueType extends org.jpedal.fonts.PdfFont implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • fontsLoaded
          Map<String,org.jpedal.fonts.glyph.PdfJavaGlyphs> fontsLoaded
        • subfontAlreadyLoaded
          boolean subfontAlreadyLoaded
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.Type1

      class Type1 extends org.jpedal.fonts.PdfFont implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • blueFuzz
          Integer blueFuzz
        • blueScale
          Double blueScale
        • blueShift
          Integer blueShift
        • blueValues
          int[] blueValues
        • familyBlues
          int[] familyBlues
        • familyOtherBlues
          int[] familyOtherBlues
        • forceBold
          Boolean forceBold
        • isCID
          boolean isCID
        • isCIDROS
          boolean isCIDROS
        • languageGroup
          Integer languageGroup
        • otherBlues
          int[] otherBlues
        • skipBytes
          int skipBytes
        • stdHW
          Double stdHW
        • stdVW
          Double stdVW
        • stemSnapH
          int[] stemSnapH
        • stemSnapV
          int[] stemSnapV
        • trackIndices
          boolean trackIndices
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.Type1C

      class Type1C extends org.jpedal.fonts.Type1 implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • charset
          int charset
        • charstrings
          int charstrings
        • currentFD
          int currentFD
        • defaultWidthX
          int[] defaultWidthX
        • enc
          int enc
        • FDArray
          int FDArray
        • fdScaling
          double[] fdScaling
        • fdSelect
          int[] fdSelect
        • FDSelect
          int FDSelect
        • fontMatrixDeclared
          boolean fontMatrixDeclared
        • nominalWidthX
          int[] nominalWidthX
        • privateDictLength
          int[] privateDictLength
        • privateDictOffset
          int[] privateDictOffset
        • stringIdx
          int stringIdx
        • stringOffSize
          int stringOffSize
        • stringStart
          int stringStart
        • subrs
          int[] subrs
        • top
          int top
    • Class org.jpedal.fonts.Type3

      class Type3 extends org.jpedal.fonts.PdfFont implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • currentGraphicsState
          org.jpedal.objects.GraphicsState currentGraphicsState
          handle onto GS so we can read color
        • objectStore
  • Package org.jpedal.objects.raw

    • Class org.jpedal.objects.raw.ShadingObject

      class ShadingObject extends org.jpedal.objects.raw.PdfObject implements Serializable
      • Serialized Fields

        • AntiAlias
          boolean AntiAlias
        • Array
          float[] Array
        • Background
          float[] Background
        • Coords
          float[] Coords
        • Extend
          boolean[] Extend
        • Functions
          byte[][] Functions
        • N
          float N
        • ShadingType
          int ShadingType
  • Package org.jpedal.tika