Class WritableAnnotation

Direct Known Subclasses:
CircleAnnotation, FreeTextAnnotation, HighlightAnnotation, ImageAnnotation, InkAnnotation, LineAnnotation, LinkAnnotation, PolygonAnnotation, PolyLineAnnotation, SquareAnnotation, TextAnnotation

public class WritableAnnotation extends Object
Interface for creating annotations
  • Method Details

    • getPage

      public int getPage()
    • setTextSize

      public void setTextSize(int textSize)
    • setStrokeColor

      public void setStrokeColor(Color color)
    • setNonStrokeColor

      public void setNonStrokeColor(Color color)
    • getStrokeColor

      public float[] getStrokeColor()
    • getNonStrokeColor

      public float[] getNonStrokeColor()
    • getFormObject

      public FormObject getFormObject()
      Returns the form object used to create this object or null is none were used.
      FormObject which encapsulates all form data (accessible from getters and setters)
    • getDictString

      public String getDictString()
      Pdf specified dictionary string
    • getPopupString

      public String getPopupString(int parentObj)
    • getAPString

      public String getAPString(int parentObj)
    • getResources

      public byte[][] getResources(int parentObj)