Class LogWriter


public final class LogWriter extends Object

logs all activity. And some low level variables/methods as it is visible to all classes.

Provided for debugging and NOT officially part of the API

  • Field Details

    • logScanner

      public static org.jpedal.utils.LogScanner logScanner
      allow user to scan log output
    • log_name

      public static String log_name
      filename of logfile
    • isRunningFromIDE

      public static final boolean isRunningFromIDE
  • Method Details

    • writeLog

      public static void writeLog(Throwable throwable)
    • writeLog

      public static void writeLog(String message)
    • setupLogFile

      public static void setupLogFile(String command_line_values)
      setup log file and check it is readable also sets command line options
      command_line_values - options to configure logging