Class QualityThumbnail

  • public class QualityThumbnail
    extends com.idrsolutions.image.JDeliImage
    Class uses Lancsoz3 algorithm to generate good quality thumbnails or scaled images. Example:
     BufferedImage thumbnailImage = QualityThumbnail.getScaledImage(sourceImage,64,64);
    • Constructor Detail

      • QualityThumbnail

        public QualityThumbnail()
    • Method Detail

      • getScaledImage

        public static BufferedImage getScaledImage​(BufferedImage sourceImage,
                                                   int expectedWidth,
                                                   int expectedHeight)
        Generates a good quality thumbnail of an image
        sourceImage - input image to scale
        expectedWidth - width you would like the output thumbnail to have
        expectedHeight - height you would like the output thumbnail to have
        thumbnail the generated thumbnail of the source image