JPedal PDF developer Library
The JPedal PDF developer library is the
world’s leading 100% java PDF viewer. With a
plethora of tools to extract and manipulate
text, images, forms and meta data from PDF
files, JPedal has also become a multi-
purpose extraction solution.
The latest enhancements to our
graphical user interface ensure a
modern up-to-date look and feel,
natural page turn mode, coverflow
mode and thumbnail navigation are
some of the features that keep your applications looking great.
We have completely re-written Java’s printing routines to offer high resolutions
printing with our print dialog box containing the options your users need.
JPedal can also display and extract data from PDF forms. And did we
mention Javascript support? The Rhino Javascript library (and our
code) allows you to support functions such as layers in PDF files.
Each paragraph of this document has been formatted with a
different font to demonstrate the abilities of our PDF to HTML5
extraction tool.
PDF has become ubiquitous in recent years - the default standard for displaying and exchanging
documents on the web. With the rise of smart phones and other mobile devices, PDF is not as useful
as it once was.
Apple's new products don't support Java well, and Flash can't be used at all. And what
about your investment in standardizing documents to PDF?
HTML5 to the rescue! HTML5 is more suited for displaying mobile content
than PDF. HTML5 is supported in all new mobile devices, and browser
updates are ensuring that even older fixed machines will support this
standard with ease.
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